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ma soeur et moi came into being when two sisters Hazal Emre and Dilan Emre unified their individual perspectives and artistry with the intention of contributing to the universe around them. An innovative brand with a focus on designing digital collage posters and other unique merchandise, ma soeur et moi is built on the foundations of sustainability and creative expression. Our core purpose is to create with awareness. We hope to set an example for responsible creativity and sustainable productivity.  

We take our environmental responsibility seriously — in an effort to offset the environmental footprint of our products, we make donations to plant a tree for every print purchased and strive to meet the highest standards for sustainability. Thus we take the utmost care in selecting our resources and shipping services and move forward with the awareness of the importance of recycling. Giving back to our community is essential and our products will continue to support different initiatives that contribute to causes we support. A portion of the proceeds from our sweatshirts, will help support the educational needs of children in rural Turkey.

ma sour et moi means my sister and I — As sisters, we consider ourselves lucky for experiencing life as two halves of a whole. Our definition of sisterhood is rooted in unconditional love and endless support and in our endeavors, we wish to communicate the very same. Each collage we create is a world in and of itself, inspired by new dreams and encompassing these values. We call these worlds that await discovery “new lands” and each “new land” is a dream come true. Come and let us dream anew every day and venture into realms that are waiting to be discovered…


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